cat > vid > fest > 2012

This photo means that 1) I went to the first Internet Cat Video Film Festival, 2) I decided to Instagram it to add to the hipster allure even more ( but everyone knows a shitty night iPhone shot can get saved with some selective focus and sepia filter) and 3) a crap-ton of people attended.

What I saw: people dressed as cats, people bringing cat-themed food (okay that was my friends), cat-traffic, actual cats. The vid film fest itself was okay, and definitely took a long time to edit together, but it wasn’t anything groundbreaking. Yeah, cat videos in general aren’t supposed to be ground-breaking. I guess what I mean is, if anything I felt like I was simply validating what I do everyday at work because I had a modern art museum next to me and hundreds of other people and it was a film fest. But it got all of Minneapolis talking and it increased our cool factor, and well, I definitely laughed for a good hour.

At the end, I spotted one woman across the street in a parking alley comforting her cat, which she had brought, which seemed to be upset by all the people. If there’s anything weirder than cats, its cat people. TL;DR: cats run the internet, apparently film festivals based off of late-night ‘net surfing are super popular.