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The Great Get-together

Before I arrived in Minnesota for college, I knew only two things about the state: it was cold, and there was hockey. I didn’t really like either the cold or hockey. Now that I’ve been in Minnesota for 3 years, I have attended my share of hockey games (narrowly avoiding a puck to the face), I embrace the cold, I can mimick the oohs and yooo betchas, I am no longer bothered by the mosquito (state bird!), I know my way around the Mall of America, and I’ve come to look forward to Labor Day because that means the State Fair.

The Minnesota State Fair is everything you’d expect it to be–big, loud, contains a highly skewed proportion of the obese population, dazzling, overwhelming. Yes, they have everything on a stick. Yes, they can deep-fry anything. Yes, there are baby animals and rides and silly hats. Long lines, corn dogs, gator, farmers, llamas, rodeos. It’s the great get-together.