Some Ultimately Non-important Yet Still Great Things I Ate This Month

It’s February first tomorrow, guys. It’s the mental page-turning of what was a pretty cold, dark month into a new, fresh, one-step-closer-to-spring month. I’m already excited. So, new month, new page, let’s get started. Recently I’ve been reading a bit about gratitude journals. That sounds very flowery. Now, I do not keep a gratitude journal. But I have started writing letters and emails — to my grandparents, that overdue thank you card from Christmas, a postcard to a friend — and just taking that five minutes a day to remember why I appreciate someone and their place in my life is really nice.

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“Trust me on this” cake {black bean avocado chocolate snacking cake}

It’s January, so perhaps I need to be
 posting more about juices and carrot cumin salads, and while I have been enjoying quite a few carrot cumin salads, I made this cake the 
other day on a whim and it really shocked me (and a few people that
 were around at the time). I pretty much view making healthy things 
as one part challenge, one part useful. Healthier desserts are
 useful because yes, they tend to be better for you, but I’m also
 not into the cult of total holier than thou health
food. And hey look, it’s still sugar, and it still
 should taste good. So, when it comes time to make something sweet
 healthier, especially CAKE, I’m thinking, COOL! This is
 an experiment! A challenge! Chemistry, if you

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