Farmer’s Markets

I’ve really been digging the Minneapolis farmers markets this summer. I know, I’m totally late to the party. This isn’t new. There were a few farmer’s markets near my house in D.C. but Minneapolis has them on a much larger scale. It reminds me of all of the food shopping I was happy to do while in Spain. It was enjoyable to walk around, talk to different vendors and find the best prices and produce. Not to mention that buying local during the summer/early fall seasons is one of the most sustainable practices you can do with minimal effort. It’s cheaper (entire week’s worth of veggies for $10) and you get to be outdoors. What’s not to love?

I went to Midtown Farmer’s Market today, not to be confused with the food mecca Midtown Global Market (which rocks, too.) I immediately noticed that they had few, if any, resellers, and there were a lot of food trucks and unique food vendors. A vendor that I have been dying to try, a MN produce-based specialty popsicle stand named 10,000 Licks, was there, to my excitement. It was helped into business through a Kickstarter project and the popsicles are delicious. They’re in wonderfully strange flavors like Cantelope Ginger, Sweet Corn, & Beet. I’ll be doing a write-up on 10,000 Licks soon for SKC.

Something that caught my eye were these little bouquets of orange flowers, squash blossoms to be exact. I had heard of them, but didn’t really know how to cook them. On an impulse, I bought some for lunch. Returning home, I realized most recipes call for stuffing them with cheese, frying them, putting them in quesadillas and cooking them into omelettes. My fridge lacked flour, cheese, and eggs, so I decided to saute them. They were very delicate, and I over-cooked them! You can’t win all of the time. I still ate them, and they tasted faintly of zucchini in flower form, but I’m hoping to buy them again and actually prepare them properly. All in all, a great day to be outdoors and try some new things.



Hey, friends. Yesterday I made jam on a whim. I’m really excited about this! I’ve made freezer jam before but never tried the boiling method (plus, I wanted to avoid all additives.) I made a blueberry apricot jam, spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, that contains neither pectin nor calcium water. There is a lot of effort when making proper jam to be sure that your jars and lids are sterilized to prevent bacteria, so there is always the slight fear when first making jam that you might give someone botulism or, at the very least, have moldy jam. However, I took all precautions, and I think these turned out well. I’m excited to share this small batch with a few friends and hopefully try another recipe soon. I love berry jam, but buying enough berries is pretty expensive. I think I might try peach next time. I’m also planning a DIY photo post on how to make jam, so stay tuned!

Update: Here is my beginner’s guide to freezer jam!

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Magic Berry Pancakes

Sometimes I think that Green Kitchen Stories is my equivalent to wedding blogs. You know that girl that always seems to have her eye on her future wedding, planning the dress and invitation design years before she ever meets someone? I’m no wedding-planner, but Green Kitchen Stories is the closest I’ll ever get to dreaming about a future. Specifically, a future where I have a great partner and together we cook healthy, delicious things and blog up a storm consisting of bright, minimalist photos and creative recipes. A girl can dream.

David & Luise blog from Sweden about cultivating a healthy lifestyle. They focus on organic, vegetarian meals that feature a lot of colorful produce, they give readers glimpses of their travels, they have a cute daughter Elsa, and they discuss the day-to-day things that make you feel close to them as bloggers. Apparently they have a book coming out next year, but for now I’m content to own their iPhone/iPad app, which is beautiful.

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