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butcher & the boar

There are times where I feel silly for not advocating for myself…to myself…enough. (What does that mean, girl.) Well, it means that during the course of my dinner this past Saturday at Butcher and the Boar, I didn’t take any pictures. I talked myself out of it. I got embarrassed at the thought of being another girl with an iPhone who was Instagramming her meal and taking pictures and being all teenage-y. In my mind, a 22 year old woman taking her friend out to dinner, looking wonderful and classy, should avoid food photographs.

Jury’s still out on that one. People may poke fun at recreational food photography, but at the end of the day I should have talked back to myself and said, “You’re going to want to write something about your meal, and you’re going to want photographs, by God, take a stupid picture! Maybe be a little sneaky, but take a picture!” Here’s the thing. Don’t let anyone tell you you shouldn’t commit a delicious meal to memory. Do not: take 100 photos, let your food get cold, take shitty photos & share them shamelessly, post 100 photos to Facebook, brag (too much), think that your food photos belong in God’s own Food Scrapbook. Don’t. But a few photos? Yes. If only for the personal satisfaction of looking back at them later and remembering what a delicious meal it was, indeed.

I like meat just as much as the next person, and I’ve gotten to try some good meat (ranging from expensive steak to home-made Jucy Lucy’s) over the course of my lifetime so far. I had never gone to a restaurant quite like this one before, though. I started off with the charcuterie platter, which I highly recommend to anyone that visits Butcher and the Boar. I had done some research online before going, and discovered that most everyone loved both the boar head cheese and the turkey braunschweiger.

The platter was the best of both worlds: the aforementioned turkey & head cheese, along with pickled heart and truffle sausage. The boar head cheese, accompanied by thick mustard seeds and sweet pickles, and the delicate, pink folds of truffle sausage with tiny mushrooms were both delicious. The pickled heart was a wonderfully tangy finish to an otherwise smooth platter; it was dressed with radishes and had an Asian flavor to it. But the turkey braunschweiger–well, you should know that with a name that impressive, if it’s any good, it’s legendary. And legendary it was. I asked our server and he said something about turkey liver pureed with cream, and this is where my meat vocabulary fails me, as I’m not sure if it was a pate or something else. We dipped our tiny spoons into the glass jar, scooping out a precious amount of what essentially tastes like pure meat butter, and spread it on the provided milk stout toast. Our eyes widened. No words were needed. What were once polite spoonfuls turned to a heaping spread. Combined with the vidallia onion jam, this is creamy meat heaven.

Other highlights: You can’t go wrong by ordering any of the sausages, which come with all types of sides (ours was a tart selection of tiny vegetables and more of that addictive mustard seed) and are quite large. You can’t miss the fried green tomatoes, which are juicy tomato slabs with a crispy coating – they manage to be both crunchy and tender, avoiding the greasy and soggy problem of most fried green tomatoes. The accompanying green sauce is right on target.

Mehs: Cornbread was fine as cornbread goes, the real treat being the butter drizzled with honey and flecks of sea salt they served alongside.

Drink: Definitely try one of the whiskey flights the restaurant offers. It’s a unique chance to try three whiskeys without buying three cocktails. The first whiskey of each flight is a more typical (but still nice) shelf brand such as Maker’s Mark, and then the last two are generally older and more potent. For the price of a cocktail ($12-15) you might as well get the rare opportunity to directly compare whiskey taste, heat, etc.

Overall: I’ll be back Butcher & the Boar, I’ll be back. I’d like to try your seafood selections as well as some more sides. Although you might catch me with the braunschweiger again. Any chance you’d like to sell me a jar?