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Magic Berry Pancakes

Sometimes I think that Green Kitchen Stories is my equivalent to wedding blogs. You know that girl that always seems to have her eye on her future wedding, planning the dress and invitation design years before she ever meets someone? I’m no wedding-planner, but Green Kitchen Stories is the closest I’ll ever get to dreaming about a future. Specifically, a future where I have a great partner and together we cook healthy, delicious things and blog up a storm consisting of bright, minimalist photos and creative recipes. A girl can dream.

David & Luise blog from Sweden about cultivating a healthy lifestyle. They focus on organic, vegetarian meals that feature a lot of colorful produce, they give readers glimpses of their travels, they have a cute daughter Elsa, and they discuss the day-to-day things that make you feel close to them as bloggers. Apparently they have a book coming out next year, but for now I’m content to own their iPhone/iPad app, which is beautiful.

The following recipe is for gluten-free, milk-free pancakes. I didn’t know it could be done and still taste great. The recipe uses banana and flax for baking powder/soda and flour, and the coconut adds a great texture. The higher number of eggs in this recipe means the pancakes contain more protein. You can add any of your favorite fruit (stone fruit, berries, etc) and they are naturally sweet, best served with a side of cream or drizzle of honey.

Magic Berry Pancakes

Slightly adapted from Green Kitchen Stories

3 bananas

6 eggs

3/4 cup coconut flakes

3/4 cup berries (I used raspberries & blackberries)

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp flax

1 tbsp milk (almond, soy, etc)

coconut oil

In a bowl, mash bananas with a fork. In a separate bowl, whip eggs together. Combine eggs and bananas. Add the rest of the ingredients and whisk until combined. Melt 1 teaspoon of coconut oil on a hot pan or griddle; cook as you would normal pancakes. They might be a little more moist than you are used to, due to the banana, so the first few might be trial pancakes.


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