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Banana “Ice Cream”

I already had a lot of respect for bananas as they are one of the only fruits to have an awesome, arguably better use when they are practically rotten (banana bread.) But bananas have been holding out on you. Bananas….

….can be ice cream.

What’s that? Yeah, you heard me. When I first learned this secret, I was shocked. It seemed like some weird raw-foodie trick that probably wouldn’t taste as good as the real thing. I was skeptical, but I was even more curious. I froze a banana. I stuck it in the blender. It took a little scraping down the side and a little prodding with a fork and a little constant stop-and-start blending action, but lo and behind, I scooped it out and into a bowl and….wow. Creamy, smooth, rich – this is the real deal. Ever since, I’ve kept a constant supply of peeled frozen bananas in my freezer.

The greatest thing about banana “ice cream” is that it is versatile. Craving chocolate ice cream? Add cocoa powder, syrup, or chocolate chips. Fruit? Blend in frozen berries. Nuts? You got it. This is a healthier, but by no means sacrificial dessert.

Banana “Ice Cream”

Serves 1

1 1/2 frozen bananas, peeled, cut into 1/2″ pieces

2-3 teaspoons almond/coconut/soy/regular milk

2 dashes cinnamon

1 tablespoon honey

Add bananas, cinnamon, and honey to a blender. Pulse on low, constantly scraping banana chunks down the side, until it starts becoming creamy. Add the milk as needed to achieve desired consistency, but not too much as you don’t want this to turn into a regular old smoothie. When it looks like soft-serve, spoon into a bowl. Sprinkle with desired toppings or just enjoy plain!


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