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Blame our silly culture for making Valentine’s Day all about one type of love. It seems that everything I read, especially concerning food, groups people into two categories: the single and the taken. (Sounds like a dramatic movie title!) If you are in a relationship, you’re given recipes for cute dinners and desserts for two. If you’re single, you’re supposed to live it up or sob into a tub of ice cream. I’ve seen some awful blog posts along the lines of,  “Single Valentine’s Day means that now you can eat all the fatty, messy food you’ve always wanted without having to worry about a boyfriend seeing!”

Let’s just skip all that nonsense, shall we? Don’t let Valentine’s Day suck you in. There’s a reason a lot of people actually hate the holiday and I think it’s because we define it so narrowly.

I’m a firm believer in the notion that you should be thinking about what you’re putting into the world just as much as you think about what you’re getting out of the world. Dating someone? Valentine’s Day is always a nice day to spend quality time with someone. But it’s also a day to appreciate other people besides your significant other. Single? Don’t mope or be “ashamed” like you might feel you need to. There are people in your life that you probably overlook. When’s the last time you went out of your way to do something for a friend? When’s the last time you told a sibling you loved them? Make other people feel special and you’ll feel special too–special, and grateful that you have such an amazing, diverse group in your life.

Maybe make them some caramel sea salt chocolate pretzel bark.

Maybe mail them a letter. Give them a call.

The way I see it, Hallmark-constructed holiday or not, there really is no reason to completely hate Valentine’s Day. Not if it’s a day where you look outward.


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