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pomegranate mocktail

Recently (very, very recently) I’ve been trying to cut down on my added sugar intake. It’s not really new. I feel I proclaim this every once in a while. “No sugar!” I say, swearing off everything even remotely related to sugar for about a few days before I break down and eat a bajillion cookies and cupcakes. Now that I’m on medication for my high triglyceride levels (thanks for the cholesterol levels via genetic mutation, Dad!) I’m trying to take eating well seriously. I’ve also been watching this whole Paula Deen ordeal carefully. Yikes! Sugar addiction is a very real thing. Recent studies have shown that sugar addictions rival cocaine addictions. It’s hard to find a healthy approach, especially if you’re someone like me for whom the term “in moderation” never, ever successfully applies.

Sugar wasn’t really readily available in the average human diet until quite recently on the ol’ history of the world scale. It’s difficult to discuss different approaches without feeling like you’re delving into the world of fad dieting. But here’s the thing. For people such as myself (and Paula Deen) there’s a lot less leniency when it comes to mantras such as “have just a little dessert every day.” It’s really something I have to conquer, re-shape in my head. Food-wise, dessert for me has to be limited: natural sugars in fruit. Dark chocolates. But what about dessert as a mental thing? After all, what is dessert? An indulgence. A reward. Other things can be “dessert”–taking a bath, making a really nice cup of coffee, taking fifteen minutes to paint your nails. Sugar is used too often as a treat, and I argue there are other things that are just as enjoyable.

But when the cravings do hit, I have to be prepared. I’ve been having this drink a lot at around 3 PM when my blood sugar crashes. It’s simple and makes me feel like I am appeasing that mental “sweet tooth” moment.

Pomegranate Mocktail

1 can Fresca

2 splashes sugar-free Fuze or non-sweetened juice (ie: cranberry)

1/3 cup chopped pineapple

1/3 cup pomegranate seeds

Combine everything in a glass. Add ice if needed.