sinful dinner (the best kind)

Here at Culinary, we don’t %!$# around with food. Because really, no one should. Yeah, we have a variety of dietary restrictions, but that doesn’t mean we sit around like goats at dinner, merrily chomping on lettuce leaves and debating the latest lemon juice cleanse. We believe in indulgence. Mindful indulgence. At the end of the day, if your food looks and tastes unappetizing, no matter how healthy it is, it’s not worth it. So we play around. Goat cheese instead of normal cheese (and really, who says eating goat cheese is “missing out”?) Depending on healthy carbs like sweet potatoes. Lean protein is essential for a balanced diet. Salads will fill you up and add freshness to a rich dinner.

The perk of living in Culinary House is that members cook dinner once a week for 10 people. This means scouring blogs, parents, cookbooks, and friends for food ideas. This means, if you, say, wake up one morning and see this on Tastespotting, you can go ahead and cook it later that night. It’s convenient. It’s luxurious. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a college kid when I sit down to our dinners.

Make this sweet potato dish sometime. Roasted grapes may seem strange, but they’re truly the dark horse of roasted foods, and I will be sure to use them to spice up my next wine & appetizer night. We topped these babies with home-made smoky chili caramel, and served them with salad and lightly-dressed lemon olive oil chicken. The effort is fairly minimal for how great this dinner comes out. The best part? The meal, which fed 9 with leftovers, cost less than $40. That’s less than $5 a person!