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peter reinhart’s bagel primer

You don’t find many, if any, good bagels in Minnesota. They’re just not as prized or appreciated as they are on the East Coast. You can be sure that any breakfast, coffee event, or general snack layout has bagels where I’m from. People are fiercely devoted to savory vs. sweet, butter vs. cream cheese (sometimes swearing by both butter AND cream cheese), favorite places, what cooking technique makes the correct bagel. And this is just the D.C. area. New Yorkers? Whole ‘nother story I know nothing about.

Although that’s not to say Minnesota lacks yummy snacks. Here you can find bars, cookies, sweet things with lots of layers (just like me right now in this cold.)


Our house decided to throw a bagel-making event, using techniques and recipes from Peter Reinhart’s Bagel Primer on Epicurious. They came out beautifully, and delicious as well. We made chocolate-chip, cinnamon raisin, sea salt & onion, and some with gruyere cheese.