Food, Review


I divided my time this winter break between school and home, staying at school to work and then enjoying two weeks of responsibility-free life with the family. There aren’t too many places to eat in Northfield, but one of them that become a consistent winter favorite was El Tequila, whose colorful setting, giant margaritas, and spicy food provided a short respite from the weather.

I got up to Minneapolis occasionally and visited a few notable eateries. My favorite had to be Kramarczuk’s which I had seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives only a week earlier. This is eastern European comfort food at its finest–cabbage rolls stuffed with juicy meat and topped with an addictive tomato cream sauce, rich borscht, lamb sausage, and dumplings!

I also visited Salty Tart Bakery at the Midtown Market. It was voted “Best Bakery” in a recent “Best of Minneapolis” article, and so naturally I wanted to try their cupcakes. Maybe their pastries and other delicious items (cheesecake! tarts!) are what merited the award. Personally, I was very disappointed by the cupcakes. I tried the dulce de leche and the salty chocolate. They look beautiful but fall prey to the frosting mistake: too much damn butter! You shouldn’t feel as if you are eating a sweetened dollop of pure butter on your cupcake. Sorry, Salty Tart. I’m still on the hunt for the best cupcake in Minneapolis.

Finally, when I came home I hosted a small Danish-themed holiday party, making favorite dishes such as glogg (spiced wine,) ris a la mande (creamy rice pudding with almonds and cherry sauce,) marzipan, and more. It was a great way to reconnect with some friends and celebrate one year since I returned from being abroad. I miss it so much! I’ll be back soon, Denmark.