your rainbow panorama//olafur eliasson

Two weeks ago, back in Denmark, my class was lucky enough to attend the premiere of “Your Rainbow Panorama”, a permanent installation on the roof of the ARoS Museum of Modern Art in Arhus. The artist, Olafur Eliasson, has done a lot of large-scale works, including “New York City Waterfalls” along the East River and “The Weather Project” at the Tate Modern.

“Your Rainbow Panorama” is breathtaking–as you walk around the installation, you are provided with a 360 degree view of Arhus which is literally colored by the spectrum of glass panels. You encounter both the inside and outside of the exhibit differently–to city viewers, it looks as if ARoS has a rainbow crown. On the inside, you can gaze at the industrial neighborhoods, the harbor, through burnt reds, vibrant aquas, etc. Experiencing other people and the perspective within the installation was most fun for me: the colors seep through at the corners like sunsets, the people become shadows and shades. None of these images were edited for color.